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Default My replacement HDD adventures

So a number of weeks ago I dropped my ZVM. I must admit it wasn't my smartest move.

The HDD shattered... To pieces. I tried everything from rebooting, to formatting, to re-loading the firmware and all I got was "HardDisk Error".
So With the help of my friends here at ABi, I had a look on ebay and found a replacement HDD at a resonable cost [$50]

I opened my baby up, took her apart and waited for the new HDD to arrive... And waited and waited and when it finally did arrive I eagerly put her back together... Only to once again face the "HardDisk Error" warning. So I took her apart, checked all the connections were okay and not damaged. I was concerned that the connection wasn't the same as my old drive and I e-mailed the guy I bought the new HDD from and asked him to send me out a Toshiba replacement as I knew it would work.

Well 3 weeks later the HDD arrived. I opened the box, only to find the drive has the same connection as the original Samsung one I had bought. "Fair enough" I thought, "they must be standard now, I'll give it a go"

Inserted my ZIF with a little more ease than last time. Tried to boot up my ZVM



So I plugged in the usb cable... And the little blue LED was flashing [and making a click noise] a little faster than usual. I plugged it into the mains and everything booted up... Until that is i went to format the HDD and got the "HardDisk Error" again

Now? I'm just going to give up. I think I'll put it up on ebay to sell for parts

So long little buddie... I hardly knew ye

And I KNOW you guys are going to lynch me, but I bought an 80Gb ipod to replace my little ZV:M

I couldn't pass up the bargain for $250... Thats only €160! And considering to buy a 60Gb ZV:M New is around €200-€250... I'd be a fool to pass it up My aunt is bringing it back to me from the states next week

I'm sorry guys... I went to the darkside
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