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Old 03-16-2008, 11:54 AM
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Default New ZEN 32gb shutting down, plus "There is a problem playing this audio" message

For reference, I am also x-posting this on

I'm on day 2 with my new Zen. Overall I really like it, but I found some strange problems and a solution to one thing.

First - My zen locked up on me and I had to reset it last night during my first extended listening session. Prior to I had just been playing around with it learning the interface. After it shut down it got the "REBUILDING" message upon startup. Then I loaded the same tracks as before into the now playing list. Guess what. It locked up again on the same song. This string of songs happened to be DRM'd WMA files purchased from musicmatch a few years back. It was on one song in particular that it locked up and I repeated it for a third time to be sure. (by locked up I mean the screen went blank except for a faint flicker and no buttons would respond).

I also noticed that while playing these WMA's, the message "There is a problem playing this audio" appeared on the screen. It appeared on all the DRM's WMA's, but only shut down on one. I searched everywhere and cannot find any threads where someone gets this same message.

So I deleted the one song in particular that it was shutting down on, but left the otehr 10-15 DRM'd tracks on there. I set it to shuffle mode all tracks and let it play all night to see if it would crash, It did not.

But, when I checked it this morning, it was playing a U2 song that had been ripped at 128kbps, and the message appeared there. This is not a DRM's track.

As a side note, I did not put the Zen in hold mode during the night. Overall it played 13 hours and the battery was in orange mode - nearly dead. Somewhat disappointing. I really do like the interface and the screen and sound are amazing.

Anyone else have a similar experience to mine? It came with v1.20.02 on it. I am considering upgrading to the latest and see if the WMA "error playing audio" message goes away. Or just scrapping those 15 WMA DRM tracks I have and rebuying as MP3 from Amazon.
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