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Hi all,

I cannot seem to get the Zen Vision:M Media Explorer to open. I double click, and nothing happens. I've had this work for months previously, but I haven't transferred music to my player in quite some time, and now that I'm trying to add some new music, I can't!

I've tried the USB registry permissions change, fixup.cmd, installing the MTP Patch Kit (mtppk12.exe), upgrading to .NET 3.0, and uninstalling/reinstalling Media Explorer. I've tried two different USB cables. I've gone to the Recovery Manager and done Cleaup, and also reformat (ouch). Nothing. Fixup.cmd actually has made the MTP dialog box have one extra entry of garbage text, for instance
using <NEED provider="">(need provider)
<NEED provider="">The other entries are "Transfer files using Windows Media Player", "Organize media files in this device using Creative Media Explorer" (clicking does nothing), or "Take no action".

Should I be able to open Media Explorer if my Zen is not plugged in? I can't remember. I'd expect it to say something like "No portable devices found" or something, but at least open.

Here's some other info. that might help you help me:
* Windows XP, SP2
* Zen Firmware v 1.61.01
* In the device manager, under "Windows Portable Devices", I do see "Creative Zen Vision:M"
* When plugged in, I do not see a "sync" screen. I do see the "charging" indicator in the upper right, which has now been replaced with a plug icon, I think indicating that it is fully charged.
However it's worth noting that in WMP 9 (I do not have WMP 10 or 11 installed. I like 9), if I go to "Copy to CC or Device", then I do see the "Docked" text with the familiar docked icon. And I also see all the menus I should ("My slideshows", "Pictures", "Music", "Video", etc.)
* If I open the Sync Manager, it says "No player connected". Even if it shows "docked" thanks to the above.

Help! I really want to use the Media Explorer, or at the very least the Sync manager. And this used to work...not sure what happened.

Look forward to hearing from you!</NEED></NEED>

OK, I bought a Sansa Clip player, and I'm having the same problem with it too. Any computer savvy people have any tips on how to fix?

Here's a screenshot of what pops up after device plugin:

Your help is MUCH appreciated!

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