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Default Zen or A810...QUICK!

hey, i need help to either get the Zen or Sony A810,(i know this really should be in the Compare section, but 1)the section is pretty much dead, and 2)I already made a thread there but the replys were just this dude telling me to buy the Cowon D2 instead(i don't like the Cowon lol), and then a post telling me to go read the reviews of both MP3's , but that'll take too long.

i'm either getting the Sony A810 (4g) or Zen (2g), the 4g Zen is sold out but i could buy a 4g SD card for it. But the thing that puts me off is that the SD isn't integrated on Zen library , but i hope they'll put that in a Firmware soon...

Also it has a bigger Screen(2in / 2.5in), which some might think not that much difference but i'm proberly gonna have alot of videos, and maybe a few films,...and i know the Zen has a 16.7m display against the A810's 267k(i think), so does that mean the video quality on the Zen is better?..

What makes me want to buy the sony is that i've heard the Zen's screen can go all black and stay like it(lock up), but is that just with the 32g, plus most people i read about who had it is from America but i live in Ireland, so would that make a difference??

FINALLY!!, i'm getting it tommoro MORNING, which is in like 11hrs for me, so i would appreciate it if someone could get back to me

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