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Old 03-26-2008, 11:52 AM
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Angry Screen/Warranty Issues and Taking Apart The Pilot 8gb

Hey All

Very new to this forum, but I've been checking in and reading up on problems, fixes and overall enjoyment of the player since December, when I decided this player was for me. I will also add my voice for the quick release of new firmware for the Pilot...!

I purchased mine in Feb and had problems as soon as I charged up and powered on. I had many of the same everyone else has had (screen freezing, disappearing content, hard reset not responding, etc) and was still satisfied overall with the player and interface. I have been removing the battery (to solve the hard reset issue) since 8hrs after I got the player home.

The first thing I did was slap a 1mil thick piece of clear packing tape across the screen to protect it and inserted the player in an old Case Logic case I had laying around ("What's Inside Survives"). I noticed a thread where people were asking about cheap screen protection and cases. Now, keep in mind I treated this electronic wonder better than most parents treat newborns: never dropped it and kept her in the case even when charging. I took all problems in stride, until 3 days before the 30 day warranty was to expire. The left half of the screen became a black rectangle of unresponsiveness which also affects half of the right side at various points. First thing, I powered off the player to see if I could reset the screen issue. No luck. Then I pulled the battery, and hard reset the player for 2 minutes. No dice. Unfortunately I work for a living, and the closest BB is 30 miles away and 3 and a half hours one-way by mtb.

I managed to get down to BB the day the warranty was to expire and headed straight to the Customer (DIS)Service line. I handed the player to the employee behind the counter and explained the problem. He looked at it, and handed it back saying the screen was cracked, thus voiding the warranty. After I took the protective tape off the screen and showed him the "crack" was just a line in the tape, he walked back to the Geek Squad section (not a member himself) and returned to me less than 30 seconds later, still saying the screen was cracked, and the warranty was invalid. Now, I'm a pretty quick hand at disassembly and reassembly of electronics, and I couldn't have unscrewed the unit and put her back together in this time frame. I mentioned this to the "tech" and asked to see his manager. The gentleman I was given repeated the same, so I asked to speak with whomever was above him. I was told he was in a meeting, so I said I would wait, as I was not happy with a 7 hour round-trip bike ride with no resolution. I WAITED AN HOUR AND 45 MINUTES, WANDERING THE STORE AND CURSING BB UNDER MY BREATH!!! When the Assistant Store Manager finally graced me with an audience, he told me he "wasn't authorized" to deal with the problem, handed me his business card and wrote the 800 BB # and told me they could help!! (tired of this rant yet...?)

Called the #, and spoke with a gentleman I am sure was working in a call center overseas, and was told this was only for MP3 player issues from BB. Told him it was an MP3 issue from BB and explained the issue, got the 800 # for Insignia, called them, and was told to call the BB # as they deal with all warranty issues. Called BB # back and seemingly got the same guy, same answer. As he was repeating the same script, I hung up. I sent an email to Insignia and got a response 3 days later, stating BB deals with all service issues and to have them take it apart to figure out what was wrong. I also received a seemingly new # to call 24hrs a day, 7 days/wk...

Well, to get to the meat of the issue: I have seen the battery replacement video on youtube, obviously for those that don't deal with troubleshooting themselves, and was wondering if anyone has taken the Pilot apart. I've seen other MP3 players disassembled on this site and was hoping somebody had or would be doing the same. If not, I can do it myself when I have some time and let you know what I find as my product is no longer warrantied.

Looonngg story short: any help folks???
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