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Old 03-26-2008, 10:33 PM
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Page Sansa Fuze 8GB First Impressions *UPDATED /w Nano comparison pics*

My Initial Impressions
  • The viewing of album art when browsing through your music is nice, however, the load time is a little slow (1.5-2.0 secs). I'm using 320kbps mp3s, I don't know if this may effect it. Fortunately, this does not effect browsing speed, however, it does take up more space on the screen. With album art preview on, you can only see four (4) albums as opposed to six (6) when AA preview is turned off.
  • Sound quality; it's just good as the clip and view in my opinion. It's probably fine for the average DAP enthusiast. I'm using Creative EP-630 IEMs btw.
  • Initial impressions of the transfer speed were ... ... ... very slow (no numbers). It felt longer than the clip and view. It might be me though; I'm a speed freak.
  • The screen resolution is just fine for viewing your album art and photos, I don't see much of a difference from the standard 320x240 res. But video takes a decent hit. Again, partially my opinion. No numbers or test involved.
  • The scrolling of the wheel feels a little loser than the View. I prefer the tighter feel of the View so I have a better sense of control, however, I haven't slipped my thumb yet while scrolling threw the music; so that's good.
  • Music ratings show up by default for the song you're currently listening to. I don't remember the View having this, and I can't check because I returned that player. A firmware update will probably be released for the View.
  • USB mode can be selected in the menu.
  • The silver coat is oblivious to finger prints as usual.
  • The Micro SDHC slot works just like the View. It integrates seamlessly.
  • Interface is responsive.
  • You need to have some finger nails to be able to unplug the data cable while the earbuds are plugged in.
  • As usual, battery life may be rated for 25hrs however, most people will get around 20hrs. I expect 16-18 with 320kbps MP3s.
  • I don't use audiobooks, and I don't use the radio. So I can't say much about that.
  • Build quality is just plain good. Rubber back. And the weight of the player feels just right.

I will update with more info as soon as I find it.

*Update 1*
I just took some comparison with my friends 3rd gen Nano and my Sansa.
Here they are hot from campus.

*Update 2*
Got all my friends together that brought Sansas (and my old ones ) and took a "family picture"

*Update 3*
I received a PM from a user here at ABi wondering if the Fuze supported Unicode while in the English language mode, and the answer is yes. I have a few Japanese Pop and Rock songs untranslated on my Sansa Fuze, View, and Clip; they all display properly. I will test a Mandarin/Cantonese file soon from the requester.
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