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Page Clicking When Playing Music/Radio?

I picked up an 8GB Fuze at Best Buy last night, and immediately dumped eight Channels and about 500 songs from Rhapsody To Go onto it. Occasionally, when playing this content as well as the FM Radio, I'll experience a repetitive clicking noise instead of the expected audio. The clicking will continue for anywhere from one second to ten, then the song picks up again.

I think it's a buffering issue, but it's intermittent, rather than on each startup or song change. One weird thing is that sudden motion or slight torsion on the frame seems to set it off...

Anyone else gotten this problem?

Also, the FM Radio in the Fuze is kickass compared to the e200 or c200 series... I have all three, and the Fuze is the first one that is able to get signal in the big concrete block that I work in.

Update: Ok, wait a second. Are there two different versions of the Fuze? One with a hard drive, one with flash memory? I saw the mem chip on the teardown post, but Best Buy is listing my version of the device as a HD player. Why would Sandisk, a major player in flash memory, make a HD player? >.<;

Update v2: So, apparently compressing the casing just to the right of the scrollwheel temporarily fixes it... possibly a loose connection inside?

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