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Default My Zen just did something weird

So I dunno if this has happened to any of you....

This morning, I turn my zen on without looking at it, plug it into my car adapter, and rush to class. The music is jamming; all is well. I'm late and therefore in a rush. When I park, I clamp my zen on my belt, switch from car to headphones (still not looking at my mp3 player) and rush to class. As I usually do, I turn the zen off before I get into class. So in the middle of class, I look down and see the blue power light flashing. Weird, I think. I then turn on my zen to see what's amiss. The music plays, but the screen remains blank--as if it were off. And the Blue power light is still flashing.

So as I'm walking to this computer I am now typing into, I'm thinking I'm doomed. It's been a good year and a half, but it looks like I'm going to have to buy a new mp3player. I'm cursing the industry for purposefully creating such a short lifespan on relatively expensive devices like mp3players.

So when I get to the computer, I plug my zen in. Immediately, the compy recognizes my zen as if everything is normal. Yet, my zen's screen remains blank. I unplug it from the computer, wait for all lights to go off, and turn it back on. And--praise Bob!--the screen lights up like normal

Phew!!! Hopefully, all is well

So has this happened to any of you?
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