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Default How Is Your Pilot Video Experience


I wanted to get a sense of how well video is working for Pilot owners.
Personally, when they play well it is a very good experience. However I have some significant problems which I do not know if they are common.

This applies both to converted MP4 and WMV files, converted either with the included ArcSoft Media Converter2 of Any Video Converter.

Fairly often when I start a video the first several seconds are skipped, followed by a hopelessly stuttering audio and video. Using the skip back button to go to the beginning sets them playing correctly.

I cannot use the fast forward or fast reverse button at all because the video "always" goes into severe audio and video stuttering. Pause generally works okay, but sometimes leads to the same problem seen with FF, etc. Thus if I am interrupted while watching a video I usually have to start all over again. It does not seem to matter if if the video is short or long.

Conversions are to 320x240, 512 video, 128 audio. For me the ArcSoft software seems to choke on longer video files, having seen lots of failures trying to convert 30 minute WMV files. Either the conversion simply stops or I get a failure to write the file at the end. (I am writing to a folder, not directly to the Pilot. XP Home, 512Mb memory, lots of drive space)

This is my second Pilot, the first returned to see if a new one would clear up the video problems I describe. So I am having a hard time discerning if I am dealing with a software or hardware problem, lacking other user experiences.
One problem could be most of the files I convert are either Flash Video off of YouTube, or M4V files.

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