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Default Strange problem with 2 Zen Vision: M's

Both my sister and I received black Zen Vision: M's for christmas back in 2006. Over the year of 2007, they both worked great, I absolutely love it, and it is a fine piece of technology.

Then when January hits, right after our warrantee is up from December, both of our players go on the fritz.

Problem #1 (My Zen):
The touch-pad is messed up. Instead of scrolling normally, it will skip every-other option on whatever menu it is on, and it will not let me click. Tapping the touch-pad to click results in the scroller moving down the list, and not clicking like it should. I've rebooted the system, did the disk cleanup a few times, reformatted it, and changed the firmware many times. I've wiped my player clean so many times now that I've just left it blank. Each time I do so, the touch-pad will work for maybe 15 minutes to an hour, before doing the same bullcrap again.

I thought it may have been a hardware issue, and being that the warrantee is already done with, I cracked the thing open to check on stuff. Don't worry, I'm comfortable with electronics. Besides a good bit of dust, all of which was blown out with some PC Duster, everything seems to be in perfect condition.

I'm at a loss at what to do.

Problem #2(Sister's Zen):

Her simply won't turn on. When plugged into the wall outlet, it turns on and works just fine, though when turned off, it gives no idication of it charging the battery when on, or turned off. When plugged into the computer, it refuses to turn on. The reset button does nothing, and is inaccesible while hooked to the wall-charger.

I hope you guys can help. This is $450 worth of electronics here that are doing nothing more than being paper-weights. I'd very much like to get one, if not both, working again.
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