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Default Player done for?

Hey, after skimming through these forums I think the reason my player has been screwing up is the harddrive is slowly failing. But before I drop 100 a new hardrive I figured I'd ask to make sure its the problem, as im slowly starting to think the whole thing is screwed. (this is with the 30gb model)

Things it's been doing:
- random menu and song lag (some songs refuse to play and will continusly lag till I change the song)
- rebuilding always freezes if theres music on the player (resulting in me reformatting in order to use it)
- after the first time I reformatted the drive, 50% of my music will not upload onto the player anymore (crashes explorer when I try)
- plays multible songs at once (only few split seconds)
- random freezing (most commonly when trying to upload music)
- now at the point where putting music on is useless because it ends up crashing explorer and giving me a firmware error that wont go away until I reformat it (though a few songs still go on no problem, so little confused)

So I'm wondering at this point if it will be worth it to replace the harddrive, or is the whole thing in the grave? Kinda pissed this happened only after 4 months but whatever, so any words of advice are moe then welcome.
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It would seem that the hard drive is definitely going south on you; however, have you tried reloading the firmware yet? If not, give that a try.
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I have tried that, it seems to work at first but after uploading so many songs it just went back to screwing up and eventually a firmware error that only goes away with a reformat.
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It definitely sounds like the drive is having issues. I guess it could also be a mainboard issue as well, but I suspect the drive more as the culprit. 4 months? Is it a new ZVM? I would check with Creative on the warranty, depending where and how you purchased.
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