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Default unbearably slow transfer

I have a 60 gig ZVM and use the creative media source...
It is fairly full 55gigs+
When i load new music it is so slow that i need to plan my day around it...
I plug in the player and it takes between 45 minutes and an hour before the loading items screen changes to the library...
then when i transfer the music, it takes about three minutes for the first song and at leasst 1 minute for each subsequent song... any suggestions?

I also have a zen jukebox (really old hard drive player)... .and that works ridiculously quickly.... loading items takes less than 1 minute and transfering songs takes 1-3 seconds per song...
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Well, it could be your hard drive on its way to outsville, but seeing that it is a 60GB with 55GB+ on it, it sounds like it may just be full. How much space is actually available when you check? Have you tried cleaning it up by deleted a good portion of what you don't need to see if it speeds things up? You can also try doing a Disk Cleanup from within Recovery Mode.
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I suggest booting into Recovery Mode and running Disk Cleanup. Sounds like you may have some database corruption or a severely fragmented drive.
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will a disc clean up cause me to lose any of my music?
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never mind... i found the answer to that in the FAQ... i'll give it a try and cross my fingers!
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