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Default Suddenly getting "Cannot copy..." error.

Greets. New member here.

My backside has been in this chair trying to solve this problem for about 10hrs now. Zero sleep for me last night. Thinking maybe somebody here has seen this prob... Or should that be hoping?

The problem? Oh yeah...

Just last night I started getting a really weird error. When I try to xfer totally normal files (MP3/WMA/AVI/WMV) I get this dialogue a second after it's about to start sending the file. It says: Cannot copy 'Whatever.avi': the video file is not valid or not recognized.

Seriously, I even tried renaming and uploading files that are already on my ZEN (just recently put on it) and it gives the same error for everything.

So, I've been here for 10hours trying to sus if maybe I have disabled a service on the service list that I shouldn't... no, I haven't; disabled the BS, but kept what I need.

But in the process, I came across yet another bug in WindowsXP where disabling the Portable Media Serial Number Service renames the instance of the service in the registry key for Svchost\netsvcs with a typo. Bug solved, but it had no effect on my problem and I might as well disable it again.

Anyway, uh, all the Creative software still keeps failing to txfer files. Gives me that weird dialogue box, you know.

Incidently, updating firmware works fine. Yeah, I got sidetracked by all the cool firmware-hacking trends that I never heard about before. I put Lucida Sans Unicode on my player -- plain, but thicker. And unicode, so the word Queensr˙che displays the "Y" properly.

Please, please say somebody has some idea as to a solution to my prob.

Oh, if it helps with a solution, I should point out a few things:
#1 I uploaded stuff to my player a couple of days ago. Fine.
#2 My player is working 100% good; firmware updates/hacks work.
#3 My player is in great condition and the HD was formatted a few days ago.
#4 Nothing about my machine or installed software, settings, etc has changed since I last put something on my Zen.
#5 My battery is charged (duh).
#6 It's not locked (duh).
#7 This prob has appeared really suddenly.
#8 Yes, I *have* reinstalled the Creative CD.
#9 Yes, I did a clean up from the recovery menu. Bupkis.

BTW, #4 isn't exactly true *now* because I've installed the stuff for hacking the Zen firmware. But none of that made a difference to the problem.

Any help is appreciated.

Long post, huh? Thanks for reading it... if you did.
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