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Default Small audio problem with fuze

Hey guys, first off I want to say hi and introduce myself to the forum. Picked up an 8gb Fuze just yesterday at Best Buy, and love it so far. There seem to be a couple little quirks though, and I thought I'd see if anyone else has the same problems.

First is the scroll wheel. When a song is playing and the screen has gone black after a few seconds (I have mine set to 10 seconds), if I try to adjust the volume by twirling the wheel I usually get at least halfway around the circle before the backlight 'wakes up' and the volume starts to change.

Second, and perhaps more annoying than this, is when a song is playing and I hit the list (down) button to go back to the music list. When scrolling through artists or song titles I have no trouble, but when scrolling through albums the song will cut out for a couple seconds at a time and I can't scroll smoothly. I thought it might just be an issue when a song is playing, but scrolling is not smooth or quick with the song paused either.

I know both of these are minor, but they can be frustrating at times. Are all the Fuzes like this or should I return mine for another one? Or alternatively, does it sound like something that a firmware update would fix?

Thanks for your help guys,

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