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Default Faulty cable destroys two Zen Visions

I recently bought two used Creative Zen Vision M: 30 GB, one for me and one for my brother. I had connectivity problems at first which were solved with a little help from this forum.
Unfortunately, something really bad happened. I got two different chargers for the Zens, one cradle (which worked fine) and one thin cable which ended in a small plug that fit with the port without covering the reset button.
I charged Zen1 in the cradle and it connected to the computer - no problem. Zen2 didn't have any battery power at all, and was charged with the thin cable. The screen didn't light up, but the blue LED on top started to blink. Though it never got charged, I couldn't start it. So I figured I'd put Zen2 in the cradle and charge Zen1 with the cable. Bad idea.
Since then, I haven't been able to get any of the Zens working. They are both unresponsive when I try to turn them on. While they are in the cradle and only the DC-cable is inserted, nothing happens, except when I try to turn the Zen on, the LED flashes five times. When I only use the USB cable, nothing happens. When both the DC-cable and the USB cable is plugged in, the blue LED flashes, as if charging, but nothing else happens. It won't react when I try to turn it on, it keeps on flashing, as if charging (still in cradle).
Does anyone know what to do? Could the thin cable have overcharged the batteries or burned the motherboard? Is this a normal problem which can be solved easly (please God, let it be so)?

Best regards
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