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Default Anyone using a Fuze+MicroSDHC in MSC mode?

I've been looking for a 16GB flash player for a while but haven't been happy with the current options. Basically I'd like a 16GB Clip, so I'm considering an 8GB Fuze + 8GB MicroSDHC. However, I'm concerned about how the syncing is going to work in Winamp.

Primarily I'm concerned about how playlists will work in MSC mode. With the Clip, m3u playlists work great in MSC mode as long as the playlists contain relative paths. How would this work with the MicroSDHC? While I undersand the internal and MicroSDHC memory will both be integrated in the Fuze's database, the memory is not physically integrated, right? It's two separate "drives", right?

I would assume that means that you can't have a playlist that includes files from both internal and MicroSDHC memory? Playlists on the internal memory could only include files in the internal memory and playlists on the MicroSDHC memory could only include files in the MicroSDHC memory?

So what does this mean for syncing in Winamp? Will Winamp see the Fuze as two separate portable devices? That would be good because you could send some playlists to the internal and some to the MicroSDHC. If Winamp somehow sees the Fuze as a single device I'm not sure how the playlists will work. Anyone ever tried this?

Even if you're not using Winamp, could someone using MSC mode with a MicroSDHC card please confirm if my understanding of how playlists work is correct?
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