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Default Still cant update my t10

Ive tried to update my t10 but it doesnt work. I downloaded the firmware and copied the rsc and rom files to both the System folder as well as directly onto the T10 storage area. Why wont it still update? Im eager to update to the Bluewave or Third wave firmware because it looks so cool! But due to this problem I cant. Can anyone help me with my problem?
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You ask a lot of questions don't you!?!?!
First of all, is your mp3 MPT or UMS. If the former is the case you won't be able to update untill Samsung releases that version of the firmware.
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Yep, you cant put the KR 3.0 firmware on US or EU players with MTP firmwares. See the UMS Firmware sticky thread for how to install a hacked KR firmware (not recommended), and then upgrade to 3.0 KR
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Originally Posted by Zolxen View Post
See the UMS Firmware sticky thread for how to install a hacked KR firmware (not recommended), and then upgrade to 3.0 KR
I don't agree to the "not recommended". It is highly recommended if you use ogg-files (MTP just doesn't cope with "id3" informatino in ogg files correctly), it is highly recommended if you want to be able to just plug in the device on any computer, without having to fuzz around with installation issues (versions of WMP or linux-mtp-support, or installation of some broken software to just be able to reasonably sync your device, etc.

It is not recommended if you intend to buy drm protected music, if you are OK with using slow MTP-based applications to sync your playlists, if you want RDS support in the FM-radio, if you're used to using MTP, if you don't care about the missing tags in ogg-files, whatever.

The changes in the "hacked" firmware are very minimal. Only a few bytes are changed. Apart from the change from "this is MTP firmware" to "this is UMS firmware", the firmware is identical to the EU (and probably USA) firmware.

Just make up your mind on what you want before changing the devicetype. Since changing back is more troublesome.

And I think you cannot update straight from the 1.x firmware to the 3.x firmware (at least that is how I understand that red remark on the korean download site that mentions V2 - but I don't understand korean, so that might as well just be a hint that the V2 is the stable version - since 3 is still beta) But that doesn't matter, since once you installed the modded firware, you can do a update with unmodified korean firmware (either manually or using Samsung Media Studio).
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Default I Cant Change My T10 Frimwre Back?!

ok so I had a samsung T10 and bought in america so it had the msc firmware on it. Then I put in a hacked ums firmware and it worked but now I want to change it back to the u.s. firmware and I dont know how HELP PLEASE!?
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