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Default Bunch of Iaudio X5 problems


I've had a lot of problems with mp3players in the past, and been able to solve most by myself, but what's happening to my x5 is really strange. I bought the player a few weeks ago second hand, perfect condition but offcourse crap battery. I installed dualboot loader rockbox (when you keep the "on" button above for a long time, cowon formware boots, when you do it quick, rockbox boots). The battery was ver weak so I soldered new one in (am 100% sure I didn't damage any hardware, voltage also correct). Put up music and enjoyed my player. Yesterday, I took it out of my pocket and booted rockbox. Went really, really slow.

For some reason it seemed as if the player got all sluggish. It took seconds for the device to go to other directory, etc. I decided to reboot, and when I rebooted, I got a strange screen on rockbox, it was as if snow on televeision. It didn't move or anything. I said, k, np, no problem I'll boot normal operating system and see what's going on when I get home. However, same story with normal OS, but there, it looked 100% like snow you get on television. I came home and connected the device to my computer, and that was it.

It didn't detect anything, nothing. I decided to charge it a bit. I plugged it in again, and I heard the typical XP sound of "usb device connected" and the device appeared in my computer. However, when I wanted to ecplore the HDD my explorer.exe just crashed. I said, let's format and try again, but that also doesn't work. When I go to device manager everything eems fine but when I llick format (fat32) it says it hasn't formatted. The end.

I already connected it to another computer, that detected it, but same story. I also get a lot of windows XP errors such as this one

"De opgegeven I/O-bewerking op \Device\harddisk\DR3 is niet voltooid bij het verlopen van de time-out periode. Opties : annuleren, opnieuw, doorgaan". In english, that is (something like)

"The given I/O-operation on \Device\harddisk\DR3 has not been completed in the course of the time-out period. Options : cancel, again, continue".

Nothing happens whatever choice I pick.

I've also tried and opened the device and checked the hardware. No shortcircuits, nothing special to be seen. When I boot the player and remove the HDD, everything works fine again ( but obviousely I can't view the files on the HDD).

Rockbox, now, boots normally, but I get the bootup screen and it ends with "no partition found". I also tried installing jetaudio, but jetaudio doesn't recognise the device.

Anyone here that has an idea what I can do ? It looks like a HDD problem, but I mean, the computer sometimes detects the HDD and even gives the HDD size and stuff, so I don't think it's broken.


EDIT : I forgot a few things, never know they are helpful. Now, I get the error when I want to get into device manager when my iaudio is connected. Also, half of the time when I connect the iaudio to the pc, the screen says "OK to disconnect".

EDIT NR 2 : I now have the player displayed as a 0 byte harddisk. I can get in, no files to be seen, can not copy anything into.
If you need help in something mp3 you can ask me =)
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