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Exclamation Bricked sansa e260 won't show up on USB!

What can I do? Today I put on some music files and then decided to add some more videos. I opened up sansa media converter and it said there was no device attached, so I tried to reboot my e200. It turned off alright, but now it won't start OR show up on USB! I need help! I am running windows XP and I don't want any linux stuff. Will I need to get a new player?
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Never mind...after holding the power button for half an hour, everything is back to normal...:P
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...half an hour!?
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taking the batt out works in <5 min
"We write lousy programs for a living, and make awesome DAP firmwares as a hobby"
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Old 07-12-2008, 09:40 AM
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Try putting it on recovery mode...

Turn the player off
Turn ON the HOLD
Hold the REC button and press the power button
Plug the cable in
It should appear on your computer as some sort of drive.this is where you copy over a new mi4 file.
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take apart the player and take the circut board out. then make sure the smaller circut board is tightly attached to the bigger one. it happened to me yesterday
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i spent all day yesterday trying to all the firmware and bootloader restore tricks on here, and it turns out tkka08 was right. loose circuit board. you likely don't even have to take apart the entire machine. just unscrew the back cover, an above the battery you'll see a small rectangle inside another rectangle. you might be able to push that rectangle to get the daughter card to push back into place. otherwise you need to take apart the rest of the machine (which only takes a few more minutes anyway...)
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Yea, for some reason, you need to push that daughter card pad or reseat the daughter card. I do not know why this is happening more and more tho.

Welcome to ABi>>, mocharaia, too.
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