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Default creative transfer videos?

I just bought my new vision:M and was wondering if its possible to transfer the movies i converted with windows media player. I used the turturial but it didnt tell me what to use to transfer it. The m:vision explorer is somewhat not working because when i plug my usb cable in the player it doesnt say docked. Now when i open wmp 10 it docks which is weird.
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have you installed all the software yet? get wmp11, that way it wont conflict with creative media explorer, or just plug it in with no programs running, and then open up creative media explorer.
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as long as the video is already encoded to a format that the player can handle, you can drag & drop the video to your ZVM. However, if it's not a format that the ZVM can recognize, it'll tell you & ask if you want the Zen Explorer to convert the video for you. If you say OK, it'll convert it & automatically move the finished video to the ZVM. If you choose to convert the video without using Zen Explorer, such as by using a third party application like Super, AutoGK or Pocket Divx Encoder, once you have finished, & IF you converted the file to a proper format, you can drag & drop, as I mentioned above...
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Default drag and drop


i have a question: where do you drag it from and where do you drop it to?
you say that you drop it to your zvm but i dont now how to drop it to my zvm.. i hope you now what i mean

please help me
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Did you install te software that came with your Zen? First start the "Creative Media Explorer." Then you can either click on "Add Media" or you can click on "Browse Media" and drag your files into the file tree on the Zen.
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