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Default Hardware Problem...

Hey all im new on these forums and was wondering if you guys could help me out on a problem im having.

My dads Creative ZVM (2 years old) recently locked up giving him a black screen that says Hardware Problem. I've tried to follow the steps in the user manual but it wont even let me go to the recovery menu. Ive tried connecting it to my computer but it isnt recognizing the player. So im on the verge of calling up creative and seeing how much they are going to charge me to fix this bad boy.

Im trying pretty hard to fix this thing seeing how my dad said i could have it if it is fixable (he's already gone and bought himself an Archos 605).

Any help is welcomed
Thanks in advance,
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Hello Will. Welcome to ABI. That error message usually indicates a bad hard drive or mainboard failure. Hopefully you can get it into Recovery Mode and try a reformat. If you can, then I would suspect the hard drive as the culprit. If you can't I would suspect the mainboard. See this thread for directions on booting into Recovery Mode. If you can't, you can either make arrangements with Creative to repair or try to repair yourself if you can figure out what has failed. Replacing the hard drive and mainboard is pretty easy. See this thread for disassembly instructions. Here is a video showing a hard drive replacement. See this thread for hard drives (last two pages) that can work in the ZVM. EBay is a good place to pick up a broke ZVM for its mainboard (or even the board itself). Good luck!
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If booting into recovery mode is not possible, then this is a good sign of motherboard failure. The player is failing POST even before it can get to loading the bootloader off its ROM -- or the ROM itself is bad.
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