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Default Fuze hold switch

I was out running and at the very end of my run the fuze turned off. I tried waking it up but it didn't do any good. So I finished up went home, I can't get the thing to turn on. Assuming it was dead, I plugged it into my computer still no lights come on.

Periodically after mashing buttons it displays a message something like this:
"The hold switch is on. Disable the hold switch and try again.
System shutdown."

Obviously if I'm trying to turn it on the hold switch is not on. Anybody else seen this, I might rma, but Im so disappointed with this thing Ill probably just eat the cost instead of spending more on it.
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Have you tried changing the position of the hold switch?

It will still be activated even if the unit is off.
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you must not be familiar with the fuze. The hold switch is the on/off switch. It's in 'hold' even though the switch is not set on hold.
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Sounds like the switch broke when you had it on hold
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