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Default The T10 today vs. older firmware (1.29)??

So I haven't upgraded my firmware since 1.29. I just noticed it is now at 3.03 or something.....

As a non-technophile user of primarily Rhapsody, what will I notice upon upgrading? I don't use bluetooth....

Are there changes that I would notice and applaud? Anyone care to fill me in with not geek speak? Please don't take offense...


Javaslinger (Java for coffee rather than geek language)
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Firmware 3.03 has three games on it ten more GUIs (In non-geek language "themes"!) I believe it supports iTunes music format now, horizantal text viewing, on device file deletion,100 bookmarks for movies and a couple more minor improvents. All in all, it is definentley worth the five minutes it takes to upgrade.
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On the aussie site it looks like the games are seperate.
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They are indeed separate, you have to install them after upgrading.
As mentioned, it's definitely worth updating.
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