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Default Firmware modding

Hi, I do not own a Zen V, but I own a Zen Vision M. I also run
I just wanted to notify you guys that your Zen V are firmware moddable.
This is kind of old news, but I find it kind of strange that noone seems to be interested in modding the Zen V.
I figured you guys didn't know. So that's what I'm doing now. Informing you guys that you should

- change your fonts
- change your boot screens
- change the strings on your player
- and perhaps change the themes (I'm not sure if the theme editor works for other players than the Zen Vision M)
- perhaps help develop rockbox (if you're a somewhat skilled programmer)

All this you can do with the CreativeWizard. Which is made by mcuelenaere btw. I'm kind of stealing his glory when I'm hosting his applications. And writing guides about how to use them. But I've made some minor applications myself too.

Check out the Zen Vision M part of this forum (or the epizenter forum), or for more organized info on how to firmware mod your player.

That's all. Have fun!
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