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Default NS-4V24 - 30 Seconds of Bliss

(I actually posted this to another site, but I get the impression that digitaldel is more active here. For those of you who read both sites, please forgive the eyesore).

I just bought a NS-4V24 and it appears to be defective right out of the box. It's fully charged but only works correctly for about 30 seconds (!). It powers on fine, I am able to play an mp3 (tried different ones), the radio works...but it only lasts for 30 seconds and then all of the menu functions freeze. The interesting thing is that it continues to play music! I have to do a manual reset and then wait about 5 minutes before it will turn back on.

During that 5 minutes, if I plug it in to the computer, Windows tries to detect it but only finds an "unknown device." If I wait the 5 minutes and plug it in, I can get it to work in either of the two available sync modes.

If I unplug the battery to reset it, I *still* have to wait about 5 minutes after I plug the battery back in to get it to work.

During the 30 seconds of "bliss," I am able to reformat the internal memory and also do a reset from the settings menu, so I don't think it has anything to do with file corruption.

I know the answer is probably "exchange it," but I'd love to some how fix it.

Digitaldel...any ideas? If there were any firmwares available for download (even the current one), I'd love to reflash it. Provided that process didn't take longer than 30 seconds.

*UPDATE* After the unit sat overnight, it will now power on normally -- no more 30 second freezes. However, when I plug it in to a computer, it will freeze with 10 seconds and no longer respond in either sync mode. I also plugged it in to a usb wall charger and it freezes in the same manner. I believe the USB Port is bad, which is something I think no firmware would fix (hardware issue). Interestingly enough, after I do the hard reset with the power button, the unit will turn back on without having to wait 5 minutes. I wonder if this is power related...bad capacitors maybe?
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