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Default A newbie here with a handful of questions ...

Hi all!

Newbie here, my first post, short-term lurker though ...

For the past few weeks, I have exhaustively done research on the Insignia Pilot, reading professional and customer reviews here and there, and in fact, I read this entire forum from oldest to newest postings ...

I am pretty much convinced the Insignia Pilot is the mp3 player - or rather DAP - for me. (Now, I'm just waiting on a good deal or sale at BB, hehehe ...) In fact, it will be my first.

Funny little story ...
Before I became very serious in the last few weeks about getting an mp3 player, I had been in my local BB, and had casually passed by the mp3 players on the non-iPodian side ... one player kinda stood out to me, kinda caught my eye (at the time, I didn't know that it was the Pilot) ... I stopped briefly to look at this player, but recoiled in mock horror when I saw that Flyleaf was playing on it (um, I'm not a fan of theirs, sorry! haha!) ... So I walked away not giving it any more thought ... Almost dismissed the Pilot right then and there (without really getting to know it and more about it) ... Am I glad that I finally came around!

Since then, as I've already mentioned, I've been doing my homework on the Pilot ...
I had the chance to go to the same BB again, this time with the intent to really look at the Pilot up close and personal (even if that meant dealing with Flyleaf again, haha!) ...
While I was playing around with it, a young BB guy came up to me ... Pretty much before he had a chance to start his spiel, I told him that I was interested in the Pilot and had done a lot of research already ... I started telling him about the features ... I mention it having 2 headphone jacks, and he was like, "whoa! it does?!?" ... he actually seemed kinda blown away and actually looked at the Pilot for himself to see the jacks ... Um, I guess I knew a bit more about it than he did, hehehe! ... Anyway, I stopped talking, then there was this long awkward pause, followed by him getting back into BB salesperson mode saying "well, if you have any questions, lemme know" ... I tell him "I'm good, thanks" and he walks away ... I laughed out loud when he no longer was in sight! Haha!

OK, now to the serious part ...
I actually have a handful of questions ... a few more key things I need to know before I buy ...

1. I came across a post here about somebody sorta being able to look at pictures (or maybe .txt files?) of actual book pages (I guess to go along with listening to the audiobook version of it) ... if so, applying this in a different way, is it possible somehow to look at/follow along with song lyrics (to go along with listening to the corresponding songs)? If yes, it is possible, where and how would one get lyrics in a workable format to use and see?

2. Regarding the line-in recording function of the Pilot ... is it possible to record from, say, a turntable or cassette player? If so, what sort of cable or dongle-thingie do I need to get? How would I do the recording so that it breaks it down into individual tracks (as opposed to recording most if not all of side A of the LP, for example)?

3. I came across a post here that ever so slightly mentioned Bluetooth and the FM radio function of the Pilot ... I am not at all technologically-inclined, so this may seem really dumb to ask ... So, yes or no, can a person listen to the FM radio through a Bluetooth headset? How about some other sort of Bluetooth device?

4. Another dumb question about Bluetooth and the Pilot here ... Yes or no, is it possible for 2 Bluetooth headsets/devices/a combo of the two to listen to the Pilot at the same time?

5. What really is the default screen for the Pilot? When I was looking at the Pilot in BB, any time I was done looking at any areas of the menu or whatnot, it kept defaulting to a picture of the FM radio ... Should it be defaulting to simply the menu screen or can I customize it somehow to default to something else (apparently the FM radio, in this case)?

6. Regarding the copying over of music album folders or music playlist folders either to the Pilot itself (internally) or any sort of SDHC card in it (externally) ... yes or no, do the tracks automatically arrange themselves in the proper order (Trk 1, Trk 2, etc.) or does it somehow copy them into it backwards (Trk 10, Trk 9, Trk 8, etc.)? (My very limited experience with any sort of drag-n-drop operation has been with my mp3 phone and its microSD card, and every time I try to copy over music album or playlist folders, the tracks are always copied in backwards. Instead of being Artist A - Trk 1, Trk 2; Artist B - Trk 1, Trk 2 ... I end up with Artist Z - Trk 10, Trk 9; Artist Y - Trk 10, Trk 9).

7. Speaking of memory cards and the Pilot ... yes or no, can a person "hot swap" SD cards while the Pilot is on or somehow in use? Or does it have to be turned off before one can switch out any SD card?

8. I've seen a few posts here touching upon the battery and the battery life of the Pilot ... Yes or no, does a person have to calibrate the battery (meaning letting it discharge completely a few times and then recharging it completely again)? Or do I follow the recommendation of one poster here who said to never let the battery level get below 70% at all times (which would imply that one should never completely discharge the battery ever)?

9. One of the posters here mentioned using the Motorola s9 BT headset with the Pilot for doing physical activity - namely running. Does this BT headset really do a good job of sorta staying in place while you run or can somebody else recommend a better BT headset for this?

I believe that is all of the questions I have for now ...
Any and all information, recommendations, etc. would be greatly appreciated!
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