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Default Model of supplied earphones?

Hello All

I am currently in a dilemma. I dont know which MP3 player to get. Either the Sony A820 or the Sony A810. I am most likely to get the Sony A820, may I ask what earphones does the Sony A820 come with ? and are the earphones the same as the Sony A810

Kind Regards

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The regular non-noise cancelling earbuds appear to be MDR-EX85s. They have a different plug than the retail MDR-EX85 does (packaged buds = straight plug; retail = angle plug), and they don't come with the little carrying case the retail set does either. They are otherwise seemingly identical, both in form and function.

edit: I can't personally vouge for what comes with the 810 series, but they sure do look the same to me.
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the a820 and the a810 (and i think the a720) all have the mdr-ex85s... they are probably the best headphone included with an mp3 player.
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the a820 comes with two headphones, the mdr-ex82 (similar to the x85) and bluetooth
headphones. While the a810 only comes with the x82.
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You think I could sell these things?

I hate the sound on them...I think there really bad...How much do they go for?

Im sticking to my PX100's...They have bass....

Im talking about the mdr-ex85 ones btw
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Seriously Now...

If you're finding the bass reproduction lacking in the Sony MDR-EX82's inferior to the PX100's, then you're probably not using the proper tips, and therefore not getting a good seal, because IMO the Sony's are much better sounding in every way when used with the Sony DAP unit.

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the included EX082 earbuds look like EX85, but they are not, EX85 sound much better.
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Are you sure? Are they not exactly the same? I thought the only difference was the shape of the connector...

In any case, the supplied earbuds really sound great. Good bass response and clear definition -- I can really pick out the harmonies!
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Also you get a extension cord.

The Sony's are quite nice but also I like to use Philips NC headphones (SBC-HN050)/
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