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Default Praising the sansa fuze

i just bought my sansa fuze last month and it has quickly became one of the best purchases i have ever made. i get to best buy and i see it on the shelf and it looked attractive so i checked out the price, i see it is only $130.00 for the 8G. after a few seconds i have to a double take on the price, i was like WTF? i felt guilty for buying it at that price. as i was walking out of the store and back to my car i thought "this is going to be a great purchase!"

I get home and open it up and it only gets better. I see that i get a free trial to rhapsody, so i get crazy on the music downloads, i download stuff i don't even like just for the sake of doing it because i the room. Then i dig further into the stack of papers that comes with it, i find the one that says i get a free microSD card......i thought i was in heaven. Even though it took about a month and a half for me to get it (i just got it yesterday) it is awesome!.

The sansa fuze is an amazing mp3 player for the price, it ranks up there in the best mp3 players overall. The features of this thing are amazing. It is
certainly one of my best purchases so far

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Great to hear! LOL
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