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Default QUICK (maybe stupid) Question on Album Art for A816

Okay, I'm going to Best Buy after work today to buy an A816 player....I have heard some things on here that Album Art doesn't always appear on the player.... my question is:

I ripped all of my CD's last night to my new (Sony) laptop using Windows Media Player (11?)...Now, when I ripped these CD's the Album Art AUTOMATICALLY appeared. How do I need to move the files over to the player to make sure the Album Art automatically appears? or will it not appear no matter how i transfer over the songs? I ripped quite a few albums, so I was hoping I did not have to deal w/ putting album art on each song...even if i did, it'd probably take me a second to figure it out b/c I'm not the greatest w/ computers.
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I believe that if you use WMP to synch and transfer your albums onto your Sony, then the album art is automatically transferred with your album.

If your not going to use WMP, and just drag and drop your albums, then you need this little program, which embeds your album art into your files. Its also a tag editor as well.

This is the way I choose to get my art onto my sony as I dont' like WMP.

PS Good choice of player IMO, I've had mine a few months now, and if it had bookmarking it would be perfect.
Marie UK
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WMP is a fickle beast. See how it goes using it for your tagging or use the mp3tag and it should be fine. Also, if it doesn't work, try MediaMonkey or J.River. I'm partial to the latter and I've heard nothing but positives about the former. And both allow you to sync w/your player of choice.
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i think its easiest just to embed the artwork in the mp3 file using tagging software. that seems to work.
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The bug with not all covert art showing up is very rare, i got only a few albums that doesnt show. Peculiarly enough the embedded pics arent particularly big or special in any way to contribute to problems
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