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Default *Work around for slow scrolling through song list*

Many people (including myself) on ABI and the Sandisk forums have complained about the Fuze's slow scrolling. This is very annoying and time consuming when having many songs. The next firmware update may hopefully fix this, but a Sandisk forum user has found an easy fix.

This will create a script in which it alphabetizes artist names using Mp3 Tag. Instead of scrolling through hundreds of artists, you will only have to go through 26 (each letter of the alphabet). Note: scroll under "genre" - not "artist." If you want the song titles to be alphabetized, change "$left(%artist%,1)" to "$left(%title%,1)"

Here's the link to the original post:

"Thaumaturge wrote:


I have over 2000 songs on my Fuze and would add more with a memory card except that the firmware currently makes this unacceptable. Sandisk engineers should be made to realize that UI considerations change when you start offering large storage sizes. If I had only 200 songs, the Fuze would be okay, but with 2000+, it's a big pain. As an example, trying to play a ZZ Top song accessed by artist causes me to turn the wheel 118 revolutions!!!! Trying to play the same song by title is out of the question as it may take 2000+ revolutions. I've considered creating tags for 26 genres (one for each letter) to give me some quicker access, but that seems stupid.

Not stupid at all, especially if, like yours truly, you never use the Genre tag anyway. You can automate the procedure with MP3Tag by creating a custom Action script.
First, download and install Mp3tagv2.41. In the Tools -> Options -> Tags menu set ID3v2.3 ISO-8859-1 as the format in which to write the ID3 tags. Load an mp3 file to work on. Highlight it. Select Convert -> Actions menu item. Click the New button, name the new action group Artist2Genre. You should be in the Actions dialog. Click New button, select Guess Values as the action type. In the source format box, enter $left(%artist%,1). In the Guessing Pattern box, enter %genre%. If you want to ensure only upper case genres are created, e.g. use only B's instead of some b's and some B's, click the New Button again from the Actions dialog and select Case Conversion as the action type. Select GENRE for the Field: and UPPER case for the conversion type. Put a checkmark in the Artist2Genre action and uncheck the others. Now you will be able to perform the custom action script on any highlighted files you have loaded into MP3Tag for editing.
Note: You might need to delete the files from your player first, and then update their tags on the computer, and then re-transfer them back to the player for your changes to take effect."

Link to Mp3 Tag download:

Hope this helps.

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Well i would name it a work around rather that a fix.
Sure this will do it for a lot of people but for some like me
who does use the 'Genre' tag a lot it's not practical.

But thanks anyway for the tip.

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Hopefully a new firmware update will allow the Fuze to scroll directly from Z to A, instead of getting to Z then stopping, and having to reverse-scroll back through the alpha to A. The e200 Sansas had this form of scrolling, and it'll cut whatever sized library you have in half in terms of scrolling time....
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Has this been fixed with new firmware, yet?
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Sadly, there hasn't been a new firmware, yet.
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