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Default No rights? Transfer issues?

Recently, I began to play around with the test mode of my NWZ-A816. I accidently formatted it THROUGH THE TEST MODE. Unaware of what I had done, I went back only to find that I had no songs. I thought, crap... I connected it to my P.C to sync it with J.River.

Side Story which is related
For a month, I've been using Napster instead of Limewire to get my music, as I had recently gotten my sister a Sansa View and it came with Napster trial. So I've been getting wma music there for about 23 days. For 23 days, it synced flawlessly with my NWZ-A816 and the Sansa. I could easily transfer the files which I got from Napster to both my sister's and my mp3 player.

End of Side Story.

So there I was trying to sync it when it appeared, NO TRANSFER RIGHTS. This message appeared for each of my Napster downloaded wma files. I wondered wtf? It worked fine for the last 23 days. I checked my trial status. Still got 7 days to go. So I tried it on my sister's Sansa. Perfect. No error or anything. So I connected mine back in, tried again. EPIC FAIL. I tried WMP, FAIL. I tried Media Monkey, PHAIL. With nothing less too turn too, I tried Drag and drop. No transfer rights.

Now I could redownload all the songs which I downloaded from Napster throughout these couple weeks (118) But that could take a while considering how I'd be using Limewire. I'm pretty sure it has something to do with me formatting with TEST MODE by accident as I had formatted with the normal mode a buncha times without any problems. Any solutions guys?

Here's the Unit Info:
Model: NWZ-A816

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