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Default ugh, zen on new computer

so yea, ive had my laptop since christmas, and when i first got it i took vista off it and went to xp, i had my zen working and everything, then i went to linux, and didnt worry about it, i didnt expect zen to work on it, then when i went back to xp after linux died, it will not recognize

i tried uninstalling the device and reinstalling it, windows always says driver not found

when i try the software on the creative website, it give me some message that i am not on a windows computer, which i am, i am using xp, so what should i do? how should i get it to recognize my zen

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

also, when i plugged it into my comp, it doesnt blink, like its charging, so i was like, ok whatever, its cool, ill figure it out later, and i put it on my moms computer, which has vista, unfortunately, and after that i had the blink five times, and not power on thing.... so i tried this adaptor that i have, that takes usb's +5v and the end changes to a plugin type one, like the dc in on the zen, but it didnt fit, but it did start charging, just having the +5's connected, so i took the little usb attachment, took it apart and jumpered from the +5 the usb supplies from the usb port, and i soldered it to the dc +5v, it starts up now, and is charging, but still will not sync, i want it to badly, because i wanna kill all the videos on it, and load it up with all my new music,

thanks for any help in advance, kyle

edit: oops wrong location, i thought i was already back to the main page, sorry can a mod please move this

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