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Default New 8GB Pilot and mp3 podcast autoresuming

I just recently purchased the 8GB Pilot at Bestbuy. 4GB would've been plenty for me as I mainly only want to use it for podcasts but obviously paying more for a 4GB than the 8GB on sale wouldn't have made sense now would it?

Anyway I digress. One of the reasons I settled on this device is that I wanted a bluetooth mp3 player since my head unit in my car has the A2DP bluetooth profile and very nice it sounds too. I like to listen to podcasts on the way to work and as it's only 20 minutes or so each way, the lower battery life with the bluetooth activated doesn't really bother me as long as it's not just 30 minutes!

The other main one was a device that had per file auto resume. Sure it has bookmarks which are a nice backup but you have to remember to do that each time, so I prefer auto resume for single podcasts. I had the ipod nano that did this and it worked well. No bookmarking facility but I didn't need it with per file autoresume. The problem is, that while in the store, the autoresume worked with the sample files on the Pilot it had on it, yet it didn't at home and I then realised it was because the sample files were all audible book samples and there was no autoresume on regular mp3 files which got me annoyed such that I immediately thought of returning it and going back to an ipod nano since few other mp4 players seem to have this feature.

Anyway I found this forum and read a post or two saying that placing the mp3 files in the audible folder without any sub folders will then allow autoresume on regular mp3 files. Is this an undocumented 'feature'? Anyway I noticed it didn't work, at least the way I would've thought that it should. I would skip one track to the next and sure enough the audible files all remembered their files but the mp3 ones would reset as normal. Again I was about to give up until I noticed that the mp3 files would only remember their place if I hit the menu button and went back in via the audible icon. If I went back via the now playing it would reset again but the audible books wouldn't. Now I am of course talking about when the files are paused since while playing they will not reset but obviously then it would be pretty stupid design if they did.

So is this how the autoresume works with regular mp3 files? It seems an awkward way to do it since if you forget and go back via the regular music menus or just decide to listen to another file in the meantime using the track buttons you'll end up with a reset file each time. It almost seems like they implemented auto resume for audible files only and the fact it works on mp3 files is just a lucky feature since I would've thought it should work exactly the same way if it was an intentional feature!

One final thing, I have noticed that if I am playing one of those mp3 podcasts from the audible folder and turn the unit off, the display will go all garbled like an old Analog TV between stations. It doens't do it on the audible files in the same folder or mp3 files outside the audible folder. It does it everytime for any mp3s in the audible folder and only when they are playing. Anyone else notice this? It seems like a bug rather than a problem with the device but I want to make sure that it isn't a sign that the unit is actually defective.

Anyway sorry for my long first post, but any comments appreciated!
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