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Default Inexpensive Bluetooth Car Audio Setup

I've found a relatively inexpensive solution to enable a bluetooth wireless connection between the Pilot and your car stereo, if the car stereo does not have bluetooth built-in. For several weeks, Best Buy has been blowing out their little Insignia bluetooth Ipod dock adapters for about $6 apiece. These little adapters consist of a stereo bluetooth receiver and an Ipod 30-pin connector that allows them to be plugged into an ipod speaker dock and paired with any A2DP bluetooth audio source (e.g., a Pilot player) for decent audio through the speaker dock. The speaker dock thinks its plugged into an ipod and the adapter gets its power through the 30-pin connector while simulataneously sending audio through same. I've found this little adapter will work with Ipod cigarette lighter adapters that have a 30-pin connector and wired stereo aux jack output connector (Griffen, Belkin, and Monster make these and they typically run between $20 to $40 online). I attach the Insignia bluetooth adapter thingy to the 30-pin plug, plug the ipod power adaptor into the cigarette lighter or power port on the car and a jumper cable between the ipod power adapter and the aux input on my car's audio system, pair the Pilot with the bluetooth adapter and voila - high quality bluetooth wireless audio on my car audio system. The advantage is that I don't have to repeatedly connect and disconnect my Pilot from the aux jack of my audio system alleviating wear and tear on my Pilot and head unit connectors. I just leave the IPOD cigarette lighter adapter, bluetooth reciever, and aux input jumper cable permanently installed and whenever I get in the car the Pilot will typically automatically pair up with the Insignia bluetooth receiver as soon as its powered up. Bottom line is a high quality stereo bluetooth setup in my car for less than about $30.
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