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Default Just ordered Sony NWZ616 - need some tips

Hi, I just ordered a Sony NWZ616Fred. I have a couple older Sony MP3 players and was always impressed with the sound and build quality (although I never cared for Sonic Stage). I saw an internet ad today for $75 shipped brand new and that was the best price I had seen so I could not resist. Before pressing the "order" button I read a few reviews at places like Amazon and they were most favorable.

I have to wait a week or so for delivery and thought I would spend the time at places like this forum to read up and learn what I can. The first thing that I have found is that there is a "service" mode in this thing much like in a tv where various adjustments and tweaks can be made. Does going into this mode do anything noteworthy? One thing I read here was that the volume regulator can be disabled. This may help me as I'm 60 years old and my hearing is not in the best of shape. I often have to have the volume above normal. Can someone tell me if the normal volume levels are adequate for normal hearing? Some MP3 players play softly and some much more loudly just like some headphones are more efficient than others. If this model's volume is on the low output side I may want to fool with it in the "service" mode. I'm asking now because if I may have to do this I need to study quite a bit beforehand as I understand entering this mode is tricky business and could ruin the player.

Also, because most of my music is already ATRAC, does the new Sony players support this? One of the other things I read here is that Sonic Stage is a thing of the past and Sony is using WMP. But can I still transfer my ATRAC files to it? I have found nothing in my readings here one way or the other.

Well, I'm sure I'll be back with lots of of other questions once I get the player but does anyone have any tips that might be useful or that I can study up on in the meantime. Thanks to all - this is a very informative forum and I'm glad I found it!!
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