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Default Rockbox: MSC vs. MTP?

Does Rockbox care which mode is use with OF to get files onto the player?
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If you use MTP, your file names will get all messed up and you won't be able to control where files end up.
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also u cant drag and drop in the same way as u could in msc
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That's funny, I'm using MTP and not having any apparent issues. (By the way, my 1st post ever to this forum, which I've heard great things about).

I just got a Sandisk e280 (01.13.18A, version 1) last Wednesday (from, refurbished for $60--wow) and RockBox'd it Saturday. I returned the player to MTP mode after installing Rockbox (so it would show up as a "portable device" and Windows Media Player 11 could sync with it in theory, although I use drag-drop because the sync takes too long), and I don't seem to have had any problems.

The only possible exception is that I transferred about 15 MP3s (non-DRM 256k MP3s from Rhapsody) and all play OK except for one of them--Rolling Stones "Satisfaction" (yes, at 39 I'm old) fails if I play it using the factory Sandisk firmware. It plays fine with the Rockbox firmware.

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