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Exclamation Fuze Scratch-able?

Well.. I just went to Futureshop today to check out some PC's and mp3 players and the Fuze was on for display; and I've read from a few threads that the Fuze is easily scratched. Or Very Scratch-able .

I wanted to see if that was true, and so I stood there digging my nails onto the screen and it didn't seem to leave a scratch but I saw like 1 scratch from it but I don't think it was from my nail. It was on a public display so there must have been other reasons why it was scratched but it wasn't a DEEP scratch too. I kept on scratching until my nails hurt.

I didn't get the chance to use something sharp (like keys and etc) on the Fuze so I can't gurantee its durability. Just wanted to inform you guys that the screen isn't easily scratched. But buy protection for it anyways because it isn't scratch resistant.

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Mine is easily scratched. Of course, that's to be expected because I put it in my pocket sometimes. I really hate myself for doing that.:|

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What's in your pocket? Keys? I havn't tried using keys yet.. xD I will next time i go to futurehsop... :P

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Way to go, damaging a player that doesn't belong to you. Real classy. You can be proud of yourself.
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