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Default Beloved ZVM dies... What now, ZVM lovers?

I got the 60gb Creative Zen Vision:M almost 2 years ago and LOVED it.

But sadly, I destroyed it by my own stupidity (dropped it down 3 flights of stairs at the gym... hard-drive destroyed, it was a sorry sight of junk).

So I have to get a new media player.

I've looked through lots of reviews on this site and others, talked to people, etc, but I'm not sure how to replace my true love! The ZVM is discontinued, and 60gb+ HDD players don't seem to be popular anymore unfortunately. So I wanted to specifically ask you ZVM lovers out there what you'd recommend.

I'm a pretty basic user, not a hard-core audiophile or tech guy. What I loved about the ZVM:

- 60gb of storage (I have around 30gb of music I keep on it permanently, plus 10-30gb of videos at any given time)
- playlists on the go
- decent enough video playback (watch it while on planes and trains)
- easy to manage files, and not locked into proprietary software (I use MediaMonkey, and sometimes just good-ol' Windows Explorer to manage)

I'd probably just go and get another 60gb ZVM if it weren't discontinued.

What do you Creative fans recommend for me?
- Try to somehow get another ZVM despite its being discontinued? How much does it/will it affect me that it's now discontinued? No support from Creative is the first problem, but what other problems might I have: buying it, getting the charger and dongle, software problems...? I really don't know what to expect...

- Try the 32gb flash ZEN? Not as much memory as I'd like, but flash is nice... and maybe I can use memory cards to make up the storage difference somehow?

- Get another non-Creative product? It's been a few years since the ZVM was introduced, and I'd hoped for better products since, but hard-drive players with 60gb+ don't seem to be popular any more. Anything you'd recommend?

I searched for this type of question in the forums, but didn't find anything. Apologies if this type of question has been asked before.

Thanks for any advice you can give this despondent Creative fan!


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