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Default Future possibility to browse by file/folder?

I'm in the market for a new MP3 player replacing my Iriver H120 which has served will but is way too bulky for my use on the subway and running/gym. I also have owned an Iaudio X5 in the past as well.

My research has led me to consider the Iaudio7, Clip and Fuze.
The Fuze seems to be my best option being that it has the expandable memory and the price is solid.

The only issue I have is that it is ID3 only browsing and I would prefer to have the option to choose either ID3 or file/folder. Is there any indication that this will be available in future firmware or perhaps via rockbox?

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That's something i'm hoping for too. There are some people working on a Rockbox port for the Fuze so even if it doesn't come from Sandisk it may still come.
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It's most likely not going to come from SanDisk, they've made a whole line of MP3 players and, despite all the requests, they never have added it. When Rockbox is ported, it will have folder browsing, though
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