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Default New Pilot User - First Impression

I have been on the market for some time for an MP3 player. I was going to hold out for the new IPhone but initial reviews tell me that I should wait until Santa comes this year.

My friend told me about the Insignia line and after much research I decided to get one. A mere $55 for a 4gig off eBay. Not too much of an investment.

I like the look and feel of the Pilot. It has an easy to navigate menu and you can pretty much configure your settings easily without the manual. The dual head phone jacks is a plus (with 3 children esp). The ability to use it left or right handed is also a very smart option to include. The audio is pretty good and I enjoy surfing my pictures while pumping the music.

There are a few things that bother me about the Pilot that I am sure is on your extremly long firmware request thread:
  1. I am unable to delete songs on the fly. I must navigate to the folder menu and do so.
  2. Deleting multiple songs is also a drag. Once you delete the song, it puts you back at the beginning of the folder menu.
  3. No external mic for voice recording. The convienence of voice recording is quickly eliminated by the need to haul around a powered mic.
  4. Created a playlist in WMP11 and synched up yet the playlist doesn't show in my playlist listing.
  5. The limitation of only 2k files on the SD slot seriously bytes! LOL I am sure for those that view many videos, this isn't really a problem. But from the music aspect, it is a major limitation. I don't see a reason to buy anything bigger than an 8gig card.
  6. I can't seem to figure out how to modify the default album image displayed on the screen. I have better things to do than to find out the exact album each song comes from. I would rather put a personal picture in that spot and leave it be.
I am sure we all would love that "perfect" personal music/video/image player but I have found there are limitations with each I have researched.

I will keep an eye on this forum for updates on firmware, accessories, etc.

I have yet to do any video converting. Once I do I am sure I will have some questions.

All in all, I like this player. I wish it was more compatable with ITunes. I guess I am not a power user with WMP yet.

Replies welcomed...
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Welcome! Yes when I first got my 8GB Pilot (on sale at bestbuy for $99) I was debating with myself whether to keep it or not, but I am now definitely keeping it regardless of any firmware update. Despite it's quirks, the ability to stream via stereo bluetooth to my car stereo is priceless for me and like you I found all mp3 players have limitations especially noticeable with respect to podcast listening.

I agree there are some silly annoying things but then again, having the ability to delete files at all is a plus since it was completely absent on my Ipod nano! I use the feature to delete podcasts once I have listened to them. I wish the Pilot had a 'listened to' flag like the ipod nano I had though.

When you say that you wish it was more compatible with itunes, do you mean with your purchased music files? If so, you are now realizing the limitations of DRM protected music. I would start purchasing from places such as from now on, so that you can use the mp3's on future devices.
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True. My family has a few nano's and there really are some serious limitations.

As for Podcasts, I can't miss my Len & Bob Cubscast! Thanks for replying.
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