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Default External memory and slower boot times

Added a 4GB SDHC card yesterday and filled it with music. Sure enough the player now takes around 28-29 seconds to initialize with 'Profiling Media Files' being displayed. If I have bluetooth turned on, this is then further extended by a few seconds. If it's this slow with just a 4GB SDHC I don't think I'll bother with anything larger! I can't imagine using playlists either from what people have been saying here.

At least it isn't quite as bad as the Sansa e260 we have which was ridiculous with an external memory card installed. We just don't even bother using external memory on that one. It's so slow on bootup as to be unusable and it can only take upto 2GB at that!

I wonder if the designers of these mp3 players ever actually try and use them with memory installed! I mean why do they have to keep checking the memory card each time. My Pocket PC doesn't do this. So I wonder what the purpose of this checking of the media files is for and why it is necessary?

I can just about live with the current boot time with the bluetooth initialization added, but any longer and I'd end up removing card and not using it just as with the Sansa. This is a very good reason for those of you contemplating purchasing the Pilot to get the 8GB over the 4GB even if you think you won't need that much space thinking you can always expand it in the future. The extended boot time with memory card is almost on the edge of being unusable for me. This is one thing I'd love a new firmware to fix, but I think Pigs will fly before that ever happened as that wasn't even fixed on the Sansa and it had more firmware releases whereas the Pilot hasn't even had one yet!
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