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Default P2 laggy? - i.e. screen responsiveness

Hi everyone

I'm a big fan of Samsung mp3 players...I have the Z5 and T10 both of which I really like (especially my T10), and now I really interested in buying the P2, but I've read so many reviews where people say that the P2 is so laggy compared to the iPod, as in the responsiveness of the touch screen. Is this true? I've also heard that it's better now than it used to be due to the firmware updates, but that it's still much more laggy than the iPod?

I'd love to hear some opinions and comparisons between the two.

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To be honest, it is not laggy. Yes you have to double click to choose a file, but trust me, it's worth it, and it's not that bad. You could easily just hold the file down, and no double click is required.
However, how pretty is it when scrolling down through large folders?
Not too pretty. When scrolling down, the highlighted file will flicker, but this is nothing that will hold back the performance, it is a mere cosmetic issue.
When buying the p2 I had the same hesitation, I'm really glad I got over it, impressive player.
New to the thread.
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when u say ipod, i assume ur talkin about the touch?
although the touchscreen is not AS intuitive as the ipod touch screen, im sure you will be pleased becuz it looks great (better than touch) and flows well. plus keep in mind that the p2 has superior sound quality and bluetooth! ipod touch only has wifi, which is useless without a hotspot
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