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Default new 16 gig yp2 does not work after update

hi, i got the yp 2 16 gigs yesterday I tried it for a few hour and work fine but then decided to connect it to the pc to get new song( note it had never been upgraded) after running the whole update it's now asking for the SRT file,AUI file and he Resource file to be update, to tell you the truth I don't know where or how to update those file. I'm tired trying to figure this thing to work i used to own the 8 gig and it never gave me problem the only reason I got this one was because my 8 gig was stolen and saw no reason to move-own to adifferent brand since I really like it very much but anyways I hope someone can help me soved this problem thanks.
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I bought the same 16GB P2 (well 15.3 to be exact). It arrived this morning, and the exact same thing happened to me.

Firstly I loaded the disc software to discover that Media Studio had been reborn as EmoDio. So I went directly to the Samsung website and downloaded it, and that's when the troubles began.

I tried 3 times to update the new firmware via EmoDio, and it failed every time. Then when it did succeed, it crashed the P2 by saying it wanted the 'AUI, SRT and Resource file updated'. I'm not a tech-geek, so I had no idea what to do, as the unit was practically useless and wouldn't even switch on.

Called Samsung help desk, who were were useless! Spoke to a technical assistant and explained the problem, only to be told that the product was faulty and to return it to the retailer. To cut a long story short, I allowed my blood to cool down and decided to give it one more try before sending back the P2.

It turns out that it wasn't the 16GB P2 that's faulty, but the 'buggy' update process from EmoDio. Simply put, you need to update the firmware MANUALLY.

Here's how:

Go to the Samsung Support home page and download the Zip files for the Firmware 5.08. Using Winzip unzip the files and you should see two files, YPP2.rom & YPP2.RSC. Copy/transfer them to your desktop.

Using Vista:

1) Connect the P2 to your computer
2) Go to 'Start', then 'Computer'. Here you should find the P2 drive listed.
3) Open the the P2 drive and inside you should see a bunch of folders.
4) Simply 'Drag & Drop' the two P2 firmware files from your desktop into the P2 drive.

That's it! Unplug your P2 and it will confirm the firmware is being installed. It will then switch itself off for the first time. Switch it on again. It will then update fonts and switch itself off for a second time. Switch the P2 back on again, and you're all set.

A working P2 with the latest firmware upgrade.

As a footnote I must say that I don't like EmoDio. It scanned all my files and proceeded to break up all my compilation albums listing the tracks as individual songs and not albums.

I've decided to stay with Windows Media Player for Sync. Much simpler.
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yea...thats pretyy much it
the moral is: dont use emodio if you can help it...
best way is to change it to UMS, so then you can do simple drag and drop
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