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Default any bluetooth headphones?

does anyone know of any good bluetooth headphones for t10?
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I have Samsung sbh-100's (i think that's the model number). They're pretty sweet!
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I use Nokia BH-501's they're cheap on ebay less than $30, decent quality (build and sound), the battery life is pretty good (10ish hours/charge) and they charge from a standard (new style) Nokia charger, ie you'll be able to charge them pretty much anywhere even if you forget to take your own charger.

Downside is, they're kinda chunky on the ears and you feel like a bit of a dork wearing them.. but I think this applies to any BT headset, apart from the earbud/dongle type which have a cord and defy the purpose of cordless headphones in my opinion.
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Default Cardo S-2's

After doing some research into bluetooth headphones, I settled on the Cardo S-2. These are likely not the best overall BT headphones, but they are an exceptional value. I have had mine for a little over a month now and I am really impressed. My criteria (in rough priority order) were:

- audio clarity
- battery life
- comfort
- durability
- portability
- embedded controls
- integrated microphone for cell phone

Audio quality is overall excellent, with some of the highs a bit muffled for the discerning ear. The S-2's last 10-12 hours continuous use / a couple hundred on standby. The form factor was modified slightly to make the newer (post 2007 manufactured date) ones a bit more comfortable. I find that I can wear comfortably for about 3 hours and then need a break. The S-2's fold up, so they are quite portable. They do have a built-in microphone. I have not used it much, but it appears to be of decent quality.

I am an IT professional, so ease of use was not something I was overly concerned about. Still, I have been very impressed with how easy these are to pair and use.

The controls are simple, well-placed and somewhat elegant (the previous/next track selector is a spring-loaded control knob, the play/pause button is also the health indicator (blue/red LED's).

After 1 month of use, I would highly recommend the Cardo S-2's for anyone looking for a set of bluetooth headphones for their T10. I hope this review is helpful to others who are looking for BT headphones.
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