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Default ZVM Broken?

Hello all,

In the past couple of weeks, I've had major problems with my Zen connecting to my PC. Mainly, I've been getting USB device malfunctioned. I've probably spent 5 hours trouble shooting today and yesterday(combined). Anyway, I actually got it to dock twice today. Once it did it for 25 minutes, and then stopped docking for some reason. The next time it worked, it was working for about 50 minutes, then I turned the computer chair to talk to my dad and it pulled my ZVM onto the ground and the cord pulled out of it, man was I pissed. I think I broke a tiny piece or something in the plugin spot of the ZVM(Where you plug your USB charger, wall charger into etc). I think this because whenever I plug it in now, it no longer says USB device malfunction, it does not come up in device manager in the USB section, portable section, or anything like that. Before it happened, it would show up in the USB device section of device manager as "Unknown Device".

Now, when I plug it in, im getting nothing. No charge, no dock, no connectivity at all.

If it's anything help at all, my wall charger for the ZVM works. But that's a different type of plug. It's a lot smaller. I really don't know how to describe how it's different. Being descriptive about the problem has been hard for me because I'm no Zen whiz. I've got a little above average computer knowelege.


Edit: Update on this. When I plug the player into any USB power source, it does not charge or recognize it is plugged into anything. I've plugged it into my brother's laptop, and into the USB plug on my cable box(Sounds odd, but my brother charges his iPod like that). Anyway, I'm down to two conclusions. Either I've got a busted USB cord for my ZVM(Extremely unlikely, was working just earlier today before it took the fall) or I have a somewhat busted player. There isnt all too much I can do from the looks of it. At least my wall charger still works so that I can listen to any music or watch any vids on the player, I just can't put anything on it. I've emailed Creative about it... even though I'm past my 3 month warranty(Got it as a refurb about a week before 2007 Xmas). I don't know what I expect them to do. I know if you call them over the phone and sound somewhat frustrated yet patient, they may do something, but I'm not paying for phone support.

I have no idea what to do at this point. I feel like I solved my own question, but I'm totally lost in my options. I may have gone through them all at this point, I just really don't know. Suggestions welcome.

Also: Taking it apart to see if I can fix it is not really possible. I'm a 14 year old with mimimal experiance(meaning none) in opening/soldering electronics.

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