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Default Best Buy Rocks

I bought Sansa e250 last February 2007 along with a 2 year warranty. Six months later I had a problem with it charging took it in and exchanged it. Well last night the replacement started messing up. Had to play with the headphone jack to get sound. Took it to Best Buy this evening to get this one replaced. To my surprise they no longer carry e200 series, at least at my local BB. I grabbed a Fuze because it was similar to what I had. It was cheaper than the e250 which I paid $122.20 last February. The Fuze was $79.99 so I thought I was going to get the screwing of my life. Then the cashier tells me there will be a refund of 44.85. She adds a new 2 year warranty for $12.99 on the Fuze then hands me an in store credit for $31.86. I am like WOW. So I picked up a new multimedia keyboard.

Sorry if it's boring and no big deal but I was pretty stoked.
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Wow. I usually don't bother with extended warranties but that deal is hard to beat. And the Fuze is a perfect upgrade to the e200.
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I was wondering if you could have got the 4GB Sansa Fuze instead.
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I thought about it afterwards and I think I could have since the e250 was $122.

In a couple years I will change to another MP3 player. That is a pretty good deal they have there
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