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Unhappy Unable to Install the Software

Hi, I got my Zen V yesterday, refurbished by creative, bought it from e-bay. So! I open it, I get everything but the installation CD, so the first thing I did was charge it, and its still charging now as I speak, it'll take about 6 hours (apparently). So I decided to download the software from the website.

I'm running windows 2000 sp4 and I downloaded the media manager thing for windows 2000 from the creative website, but when I open the setup after it extracts and proceeds to the installer it says:

"Setup is unable to detect a supported product on your system"

I had my Zen V plugged in at the time i tried to install, didn't work, took it out, didn't work. SO then I tried to download the installation CD from that creative fan website, in parts, downloaded all parts, used winrar to run the setup, and it said that my OS wasn't supported. LOL. Piss take. The USB Icon in the taskbar is there showing my Zen V is plugged in. I can't see it in My Computer though...

Bobby, ZenChick HEEEEEEELP. >.<


My problem is now fixed () because I researched a bit more (yeah should have done that before posting) Anyway found THIS THREAD and I followed the instructions in the post made by mac_bridger and voila! IT WORKED. I now have music on my beautiful Zen xD. HOWEVER. It is still not being detected in My Computer ...()... This is significant because I want to add photos onto my Zen, and cannot do it on MediaMonkey, so I'm basically asking how I can get it recognized and have it on My Computer so I can transfer photos (Or if you could direct me to software that will detect my Zen and sync it, allowing me to transfer photos, that'd be great!)

I also tried installing Creative Media Source again, for windows 2000, yes latest version, and it still says that its unable to detect it. Now I was going to do a firmware update, but since my Zen isn't being detected, I can't. Please Help!

OH; to lighten your load, I should probably mention that in devince manager it is now recognized and categorized under "Windows Portable Devices" and says "Creative Zen V" NO ERROR SIGNS, NO QUESTION MARKS ANYMORE. Just giving info.


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