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Default Firmware help needed...

This is the second time that something has gone wrong with my zen...and it's starting to get me pretty upset. I am thinking of just getting an iPod.

I was in the car listening to my zen via an mp3/cassette hook up thing. all was well, as i rocked out to the radiohead song "There, There", and then suddenly my sound got all...mulched up, i guess, and weird. i was sure for a moment i was my cassette thing. i got home, and put in my headphones to assure it wasn't my zen...but alas, it was.

upset and confused, i rebooted my zen, and such, only to be greeted with a "Firmware Error" sort of a screen. I trouble shooted online for awhile, and then found a firmware patch for my zen. i turned on my zen again, and did everything i was told to do (delete firm ware, and even all my music...) and i connected it, eager to click the update button and have my zen back...except my mp3 player wasn't detected.

i tried this on 3! computers, 1 with vista, 2 with XP, and none work. when i plugged in my zen, it popped up, sayign it detected it, but the firmware software doesn't seem to think its plugged in.

please help if you can...i really dont want to dish out 300 or whatever to get an ipod, but as of now, it looks like the only route.
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