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Default Dock Extension cable?

I am working on a car solution for my Zen Vision M. I want my ZVM to be able to charge and play at the same time, all while being easily accessible.

My solution to this is to use a creative dongle, creative 5V car charger, and a 1/8" miniphone to RCA adapter cable.

That part will work fine. What I am hoping to find is a dock cable extension. This would run from the dongle to the ZVM.

The point of this would be that the connectors at the dongle would be prone to coming undone and looking untidy. I would like to tuck those away, and just have a clean, single cable coming out, that has just a dock connector.

I found this online (not yet purchased):
and am wondering if it will work.

I KNOW the pinouts of a ipod dock cable and ZVM dock cable are different. However, this is just an extension. I am assuming it is a straight-thru cable. I am thinking it will work, as long as it passes the right pins, and will plug in.

Will an ipod dock cable PHYSICALLY plug into a ZVM without breaking anything? (not worrying about pinouts n such)

Will this cable work to pass the needed pins?
(It seems I would need 5v power (+ = pins 13-16, not sure which ground it uses) and audio (24,26 for L+,R+, probably some combo of 23,25,27 for ground)

Is there an actual ZVM dock extension cable out there that I can buy?

Am I crazy? Thanks for your thoughts
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