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Default Short review-the good, and the very bad

So ive had my fuze for about two weeks now-
and up until today it has been the best mp3 player ive ever had!

The Good-
-Great battery Life
If this player is playing say an audiobook or shuffling songs with no backlight, it seems as if it lasts forever!
Hands down the best value in the market for this capacity
Very quick and great integration
-Shape and Size
Although some people say this is a nano rip off, it really isnt. it isnt smooshed looking, very good design
-sound quality
same as clip. nuff said

heres where it gets ugly

the bad
-lack of acessories
cannot even find a halfway decent slim case for this player, let alone any car or speaker adapters
after looking at the face of my player today, i was absolutley floored. Keep in mind that it spent most of the time in its sleeve that it came with, and was otherwise in a shorts pocket all by itself, not even with the headphones. i was very carefull to set it on its rubberized back, and not its face.

It was COVERED in fine scratches and one large scratch in the screen! from sitting in my pocket by itself! The plastic is like the 1st gen nano/zen vision m breathe on it and its scratched horrible soft plastic!

I deeply regretbuying it now. tome, personally, that is unaceptable. this is truly turning me back to ipods right now. the new players have an unscratchable front and a scratchy back, the opposite of the fuze. Apple is going to have another customer

im shure you think "why not just get a case?"
i personally thought that technology was past this point two years ago. i shouldnt be forced to buy a case just to put this in my pocket, and loose the small form factor.
there are also simply no small cases avaliable.

Do not reccomend this player if you are an average user.
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